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Diet food

Balanced diet

Nutritionists constantly repeat the need to eat properly and balanced. We obediently listen and nod their heads, agreeing with specialists. But how many of us know what this “balanced nutrition system” is? What criteria indicate that the diet is unbalanced?
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Medical research and diagnostics

CT scan of abdominal vessels

CT angiography of the vessels of the abdominal cavity is considered one of the newest methods for determining the state of health of the vascular network in this area. Its main advantage is the use of a special contrast medium. Conventional ultrasound is not able to provide a detailed picture of the structure and general condition of the vessels in the peritoneum, which prompted technicians to go further and develop angiography technology.
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Manganese-rich foods

Many of us, recalling the beneficial trace elements and minerals, are primarily talking about calcium, iron, or another advertised nutrient. People who monitor their diet more closely may recall the benefits of products containing, for example, zinc or magnesium. But there are many substances whose properties are less known, but for the body they play a crucial role.
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Nutritional supplements

Bentonite (E558)

The first official mention of the beneficial properties of a similar substance was still in Avicenna. It is he who describes the effect that one of the main components of the food additive has on the human body - clay. With the help of this natural fossil, it is possible to eliminate various kinds of injuries, to reduce or completely cure intoxication.
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Hemp seeds

Hemp has long become one of the central characters of mass culture, and humanity has ceased to perceive it simply as a plant. Narcotic glory overshadowed the drug, but entering the superfood market and ranking hemp on the second list gradually corrects the situation. Scientists have broken the stereotype and proved that hemp seeds do not contain traces of psychoactive substances and bring exceptional benefits to the body.
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Sea grapes

Sea grapes - a real delicacy, which is often called "green caviar". This seaweed belongs to the caulerpa genus, but gourmets know it under the Japanese name umi budo. Sea grapes won fame in Europe relatively recently. This is not surprising, considering the fact that budi grows only in Japan, in coastal waters near the island of Okinawa.
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